Grady Milligan - Songwriter and Poet

Just a broken man, brought back into sanity of the soul through the redeeming love of Jesus Christ.

I like music, I make it, I pray you'll be blessed, or at least bob your head to the sound.

Love my wife, serve my Christ, set it all on fire.

So in the last few days I’ve read the original Phoenix saga of X-Men, the newest Phoenix (Avengers Vs. X-Men), and the end of Amazing Spider-Man


Jesus did not give us His vengeance or condemnation. Therefore, since we can only give what we have, let us give mercy and love and truth.

Thank You Jesus for all You give. All we have is Yours

Today will be the last day to download my new worship song for free.
Here’s the link. Share with friends if you feel so moved =)

I think all of my life endeavors would be more successful if I could shred like Mike V

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With great power comes great responsibility.

We have been given the Spirit of the Almighty God. There is much to do and people are dying. Suit up

If your goal is fame and legacy, you’ll probably fail. If your goal is Christ, you will have victory

From my friend Matt’s vintage collection. 

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The new Gideon and Colossus albums

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Danger Muffin is killing it at Barley’s Knoxville
I’m in heaven. 

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Trying all the Bluetick beers!