Grady Milligan - Songwriter and Poet

Just a broken man, brought back into sanity of the soul through the redeeming love of Jesus Christ.

I like music, I make it, I pray you'll be blessed, or at least bob your head to the sound.

Love my wife, serve my Christ, set it all on fire.

Drivin to tha show!!!

Blessed day with those East Old Topside boyz

Come jam with ya Virginia!
Thank you all so much for listening tonight. Sincerely, thank you.

The band and I were truly blessed
Cory Bishop is incredible. Buy his music! So good


I think it’s funny to see “Only God can judge me” shirts and posts. Like, I don’t think you understand, but God might be the last person you want to judge you



Dune 45 (by aftab.)


Dune 45 (by aftab.)

“I feel like my entire life is just a countdown to when I get to eat again.”

—   Classmate (via the-lazy-scholar)
I’ve had 5 cups of coffee today and a redbull infused Coca-Cola. 

#spaz #caffeine #addict #helpme
Hanging out and playing music with the youth at Maryville Vineyard

Disciple This Disciple: The Gift Of Undeserved Everything

Today’s devotional is about taking joy in God’s graceful giving.  Every good thing comes from him!

Notice Friday’s festivities :)
This little guy just taught me how to Ollie 180°

Pretty stoked #gnar #shred #teamgnarkill

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